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The other evening Stu and I were out on the lake with friends when we heard  and saw a loon just off the opposite shore line.  The call of the loon was almost mystical as it echoed across the water.

Then we heard another call and saw a second loon land and swim over to the first.

DSCN8466 Loan 2

They were busy welcoming each other, when a third loon arrived.

Once all together they started swimming in a circle around and around, then their heads would dip under the water in unison; then around and around again. This went on for some time until we heard a fourth loon call and land; and immediately joined in the dance.

DSCN8467 1

After a few minutes they added in a tail wagging thing.  They did not all do it at one time, so not sure if they took turns or if only some of the four were strut-en their tail feathers!

DSCN8480 loan tails

We watched them for maybe a 1/2 hour but when they started to broaden their activity area we felt we should leave them the lake and the night to enjoy in private.

DSCN8499 loon 4

Our friends, who live closer to that part of the lake, told us that they head the loons calling until 2am.

To be witness to such a magical event of Nature was truly amazing!

( I apologize for the quality of the photos.  It was almost dusk and we were across the bay... but I wanted to share our experience.)

Another glorious week in the heart of the Whiteshell!  Great Guests! Great Weather! DSCN8380 blueberries

Great Berries....popping out everywhere.  Along the hiking trails.       On the rock ridges; even along the block roads! 

Mother's Natures Candy

DSCN8381 Rasberries

Another glorious day in paradise. Sunshine and blue skies with just a soft gentle breeze.

The lake is calm; just perfect for a slow ride around the lake to enjoy the sunset.

DSCN8134 sunset

Flooding:  We are very fortunate to have good high water levels but no flooding on Brereton Lake.

Our thoughts are with those up along the Winnipeg River system that are effected by flooding waters;  and to those in Western Manitoba battling the rising Assiniboine.


DSCN8195 pelican

Last night we went up to Rainbow Falls and caught this guy posing.  He kept his wings spread like this for quite a long time ( 15min at least).  He would move his head this way and that but otherwise kept the same position. ....strange......but cute! 

Have a great day all!

Our guests say it best....

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