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1 both Cocoons

Both have cocooned. Check out the size compared with Stu's finger. If you look really close you can see some gold flecks which identifies these as Monarchs.

1 Caterpiller head

The next pic is of the Milkweed leaves that the caterpillars eat. It's about an inch and half long and that little black dot......

it the head of the caterpillar spit out just before the cocoon closes. Kind of gross but very interesting.

If you zoom in you can make out some of the features.

Aug 18th clearing bush

We conscripted some help yesterday and headed out to do some maintenance on the trail..The forest is so lush!

Had to pick the hottest day this week, but there was a nice breeze and still lots of berries!!

Have a great weekend!

Guest presented us with two wonderful little gifts. 2 Monarch caterpillars for us to hatch and release.

Monark 1

One cocooned over night and the other has already attached to the roof of the container. Regina thinks it will cocoon today. Once they have both changed, it will be about 12 days until the butterfly arrives.

Once they have opened, we will release them onto the Milkweed plants. If all goes well, they will return next year

Regina and Gary have assured me I can't do anything to hurt them; so I will just sit back and let nature unfold before my eyes.

Our guests say it best....

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