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Monday, we were sitting having supper with a friend and he looked out the window and saw this great gray owl landing in a tree just off of our deck. The next thing we knew it flew down from the tree and landed on our Bird feeder. It stayed there about five minutes looking down into the snow and then looking around to the window at us. Every time we moved we could see it flinch a little but it didn't fly way.

Owl DSC03050
Then all the sudden it flexed its wings and dove down into the snow. The next thing we knew it flew up and into the tree next to the deck again, unsuccessful in its first hunt.

Next thing we knew he was back on the bird feeder; watching.  I stepped out on the deck very slowly, very quietly. He flinched. I thought he was going to take off so I spoke softly assuring it was safe; I wasn't going to hurt her/him and that it was beautiful.
Another five minutes past and then once again it flexed its wings and dove into the snow. This time we couldn't see, as it went behind a snowdrift. All of a sudden the Great Grey’s massive wings spread and it lifted off the snow carry its prey.

What an experience!

I have never been that close to a great grey…. truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Owel DSC03033

-33 this morning but what a brilliant day. The sun streaming through the trees splashing natures “bar codes” on the river.

IMG 0427 bar codes on the river

IMG 0199

Red in the morning is a sailors warning.

Mother Nature offered a glimpse into what the day was going to hold... and she was right on!

We have some more snow coming (and we are so thankful as the forest can use all the moisture possible) and the winds across the lake are getting stronger but on the forest trails it's quite pleasant. Our guests are all settled for the weekend with fires burning and bird feeders full of appreciative feather friends.

IMG 0381 bird feeder

Hope you are all enjoying this Holiday Weekend wherever you are.

Our guests say it best....

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