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I saw two otter along the river’s edge, one with a fish it had just caught.


Then out of the corner of my eye I saw an immature Bold Eagle. It swooped down out of the sky, right for the Otters.



The Otters scrambled back into the water, just in time

 DSC03293 unsuccessfull in getting otter

The Eagle recovered altitude, was joined by a second and they headed down river.

eagles flying down river

It amazes me how a bird that size can swoop down and lift off with what seems no effort.

( I apologize for the white and black pics... the time of the morning these are taken, the sun is not my friend... but when everything is going on.. )

. This morning a mink ran along the shore on it’s morning hunt.

DSC03217 Mink running by

Interesting everything gets out of the way of the Otter as it swims by.

DSC03261 everything gets out of the way of the otter

This afternoon the Swans looked so serene resting in the sun

DSC03285 Swans sunning on the ice


DSC03211 Swans prooning

This morning the Swans were down on the river grooming themselves in the sun, when all of a sudden a Goose dive bombed them. Geese are big birds but not in comparison to a Swan…and for what purpose??

Before I could get my camera up to capture the action the dive bomber had moved on to a pair of Geese further down river. There was a tussle in which the gander fiercely defended his lady, chasing the intruder away.

DSC03203 Swans and Geeese

With the intruder gone, calm returned to the river.

Our guests say it best....

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