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IMG 8195 frozen lake in morning SIZED

For a day we had the lake total frozen and total smooth but darn- not thick enough to skate on........

We got a skiff of snow so lake is now covered white.  

This is the 4th freeze-up this fall.  We will see if this one stick.

We honor and show our gratitude toward the Men and Women in Service with the Canadian Armed Forces. 


Thank you!

My father, Lew Whiteman, was with the infantry in WW 2; he transported troops, supplies,  and orders to the front line and back… and he played with a band that entertained his fellow soldiers as they moved through Europe.  

Dad 2

Jerry Cornell was with the Navy.  When we visited Nova Scotia, we toured one of the ships used during the war and saw the extremely basic conditions the men lived under..


Both of our fathers were so young when they enlisted and thankfully both made it home safe.


First time ever Brereton Lake has freeze-up on October 29th

First time ever Brereton Lake has break-up October 31st ha ha

and then froze Nov 1st and this afternoon we are having that break-up that "tinkles" as the pieces of ice break against the shore.

The last few nights we have been having some lovely sunsets; that sparkle across the frozen lake.

IMG 8110


...........................Wish all a Safe and Fun weekend ahead ....................

Our guests say it best....

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