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DSC03610 Sunshine and blue skies 

Fishing has be pretty consistent on Brereton.

Looks like we are in for a nice weekend coming up

A new name for a activity that has been around forever but is gaining a new wave of interesting.

 IMG 1063 pointer

Shannon & Derrick spent part of their stay with us , as Derrick called it, Land Fishing.

They have a mettle detector and the little orange tool Shannon is holding is called a 'Pinpointer' 

Once the mettle detector identifies something below the surface. The Pinpointer is used to sift through the sand to find it. (I have forgotten how far down the detector can register mettle under the surface but I was quite impressed, when Derrick sharer. )

Shannon assured me that any holes they created are recovered and the shore left as it was before they came .....except for the treasures they find.

IMG 1064 treasures found that day

They were quite pleased with their “haul” from that afternoon which included discarded bottle caps and nails; an ancient fishing weight, still usable, and a few coins. .

Seems to me “Land Fishing” is a win / win excuse to get out and enjoy the summer and a way to leave our beaches a little cleaner.

Shannon and Derrick thanks for teaching me about “Land Fishing”.

And thank you for your part at helping keep our Park clean!

IMG 1051 Lady Slippers

The Lady Slippers opened in time for Canada Day Weekend!!
I had planned to add a picture of a Tiger Lilly; which I spotted just down the road but when I got back with my camera it had been picked. There use to be so many Tiger Lilies in the park; but with people picking over the years; they have almost disappeared in this area.

When you are in the park, would you please consider getting a "pic" of the wildflowers not picking them.

Picked they may last a few days in your home ....if left they could last for generations.

Have a Great Weekend

Our guests say it best....

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