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Spotted an Eagle perched high on a tree with it’s back to us. It looked kind of shaggy until I zoomed in and

realized it was wet. Possibly it had been fishing or just washing “winter” off its feathers.

…………… So I got comfortable and watched.


Stu said it must be a female; “No guy would spend so much time grooming.” (haha) ….. and we were there for a while.


 About 15 minutes in, she gave me a look and I know she had enough of me watching her.


It was so interesting.  I was amazed at how she could turn her head right around … and stretch in the most unusual poses.


We are so blessed to live in this amazing place... everyday is an adventure!

We woke up to a frozen river this morning

DSC08206 geese on frozen river

but by 10:30 it had reached +9 and the waterfowl were already able to enjoy a morning swim.

River froze again yesterday but 9 by 11am

The snow is going very quickly; just patches left were trees are blocking the sun.

Spring is coming…………

Our guests say it best....

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