Inverness Falls Resort

DSC01547 2

Magical Mornings.... the air smells so fresh

DSC01555 Forest path

The colours are so breathtaking on the forest trail.

DSC01495 Fall colours on the lake hanging rock bay

We took a ride back into Hanging Rock Bay the other day... The rock you see balancing on the ledge below, split from the main rock face years ago. Check out the eagle head and wing in the rock face, formed from the split? 

Enjoy your weekend. 

Beautiful day

We are seeing so much wildlife... this guy was attacking one of the trees on my walk home last night


Stu got some help pruning from .... the locals.


The wildlife are moving around.. enjoyng the quiet fall days.  Two guests this week have seen a mother and two fawns just lazing around the resort.  (I have not been able to get a picture of them yet)

Our guests say it best....

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