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Daniel, who was staying with us last week sent these great pictures to share. Thanks Daniel.

Have a wonderful day.






Happy Saturday to all..

We are definitely having a WOW day ( a Whiteshell Outdoor Wonderful day)

I was invited to have coffee with friends in the north end of the Park this morning, so I put in some “finger tappin music” and head up Highway #307.

What a busy park.

My first stop was Reed Falls. A bunch of ducks, geese and swans resting in the morning sun. I stood there for a good 5 minutes hoping the swans would wake up.. finally the one in the back stuck it's head up.


Continuing I passed walkers, bikers; saw snowmobiles and trikes out on the lakes; a family lunch at one of the beaches; and about 1/2 km out on the lake another family ice fishing. There were a bunch of cars at Pine Point Hiking Trail and at the Bannock Point Petraforms.

Pine Point trail

Everyone I passed were in groups of 2-3, all respecting each others social distance.

It was heartwarming to see people out and about, enjoying this beautiful day and this beautiful park.

We are so fortunate to live in this province; in this country!

We have much to be thankful for.

Top of that list.. our medical caregivers, who are especially taxed at this time.   Thank you all for your tireless efforts! 

We were watching an  eagle flying down river this morning and just at that moment, noticed some movement on the shore line close to the first bench on the River Trail. Suddenly a deer ran out onto the thin ice. For a few steps it was good and then it went through. Thrashing and splashing; desperately trying to climb out of the freezing water.  It finally made it to the other shore.

DSC00397 made it

I had my camera in hand in time to record the successful end to this morning’s Nature story.  Or so I thought.

The next thing we knew, instead of heading into the forest, it headed along the shore line (on the ice??) running up river.

DSC00398 ran up river

It did not make any sense why it would be running along the shore line, up river. We held our breath as it broke through again... 

 DSC00399 broke through

....and then struggled to open water and started across the river again

 It seemed to have little problem swimming against the current and within a minute it came out just down from us

DSC00402 made it to shore

DSC00404 very happy

It seemed pretty happy to be out of that water.

As it ran by the house it stopped, looked right at me and I am sure it was saying “ Did you see that? I made it!”

DSC00406 stop to say

Stu and I were discussing why it would have gone back across the river twice??

One scenario- If a wolf was in pursuit, crossing the river once bought the deer some time; but if it circled back, hiding it's scent in the river  twice, it had a much better chance of staying safe.  Pretty smart.... taking those extra steps to protect itself.



Our guests say it best....

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