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A lovely morning in the forest!

    Stu and I took off down the Great Trail to check for trees down and for beaver activity.  

    Sure enough we did find a few trees down and the beaver had blocked one culvert; but each stop offered a view of todays development in the forest. 

     When we stopped to remove this tree I found some wild roses just opening

    DSC00953 Rose

    .  The smell was heavenly.  

    DSC00950 beaver blocked culvert

    While Stu was  clearing the mud the beaver had plugged the the culvert with; I found the marsh was skirted with these beautiful water lilies.

    DSC00981 lillie

      The wild flowers are just bursting out all through the park.

    We went as far as the long bridge where we enjoyed a quiet moment 

    DSC00968 quiet spot by the bridge

    at the picnic table, by the shore of the river, surrounded by a vail of dragonflies to protect us.   

    Interesting shot – this one hanging upside down  on a leaf in the sun

    DSC00941 draganfly

    A perfect day to be in the forest.