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Discover the Whiteshell – Park Attractions

    The Whiteshell Provincial Park is one of the most beautiful areas in Manitoba; offering a balance of recreational opportunities and the natural tranquility of the lakes and forest.

    Inverness Falls Resort, on Brereton Lake is right in the Heart of the Whiteshell. 

    Heading North from Inverness Falls:

    Heading North up through the park there are a number of year round hiking trails.  Some notable mentions: just 11km north of us is Rainbow Falls: a love spot for picnic or just a few quiet moments enjoying the falls.  Quite often you can spot the Blue Heron and Pelicans fishing at the falls. Parks has provided a mobility fishing platform.   Foresters Footsteps on Betula Lake offer hiking and mountain biking and a bit further on is Pine Point Hiking offers two loops leading to a series of water falls and rapids; a very popular trail.

    Human presents in the Whiteshell has been traced back to 8000 years ago.   A must do is a visit to the Bannock Point Petroforms, just past Pine Point.  The Petroforms are Aboriginal sacred stone markers, arranged in the form of snakes and turtles shapes, which according to tradition were used, in times past, as sources of spiritual healing.

    Heading South from Inverness Falls:

    In Rennie, our closest town, is the Alf Hole Goose Sanctuary.  Canada geese can be seen at close range within the sanctuary.  Goslings appear in late May and June.  A flock of 200 birds return to this spot each spring.  The visitor centre contains an observation galley, displays and exhibits; and there is a scenic 1.5km hike that takes you around to the other side of the pond.  

    South along  #44 highway (once the Trans Canada Highway) you travel by the Lily pond.  Thousands of years ago by advancing glaciers craved out the soft rock leaving a peaceful little lake that is covered in the summer with yellow and white lilies.  Caddy Lake, just a bit further, offers canoeing through rock tunnels into South Cross Lake. So fun!  Next, West Hawk Lake, formed by a meteorite, it is the deepest lake in Manitoba (maximum depth of 111m or 354 ft ) and very popular with sub divers.  Falcon Lake offers Down Hill Skiing during the winter season and a Riding Stables open year round. 

    Winter lovers enjoy over 100km of groomed snowmobile trail that goes from one end of the Whiteshell Park to the other; and dotted here and there ski trails, snowshoe and hiking trails round off the outdoor fun. 12 months of the year the Whiteshell Provincial Park is open and welcoming guests!