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1 May 2023

The ice is looking very dark… when it gets like this it could turn crystally… when the wind jostles the crystalized ice it creates the neatest tinkling sound.  Back in March Stu had wagered the ice would leave April 26th ( a safe bet as it is traditinally about this time it goes.  I bet… Read More »SOON!!

Spotted an Otter crossing the bridge this afternoon

26 April 2023

I was walking up to the bridge by the office this afternoon; when I spotted an otter swimming toward the dam. We see Otter crossing at this spot almost daily. It is a traditional wildlife path back and forth from river to lake. Each time I see an Otter or Beaver or Turtle crossing, I… Read More »Spotted an Otter crossing the bridge this afternoon

Spring is here and I have the flowers to prove it

25 April 2023

These beautiful Crocus we planted in the meadow over 30 years ago and they have britened every spring since.

happy earth day 2023

Happy Earth Day

22 April 2023

Spring has sprung

16 April 2023

Lots of activity on the river.   The other night I counted 8 pair of Swans and dozens of Geese and ducks This morning only 4 pair on the River… the wind was causing havic with thier grooming. It’s so nice to see the open water on the river.  Lake is still frozen.  Stu is betting… Read More »Spring has sprung

IMG 3041 Easter Morning Majic site

Happy Easter Sunday

9 April 2023

A beautiful sunrise on the river this morning… Geese and Swans have returned

1 IMG 3033 sundogs sized

We were greeted this morning with sunshine plus brilliant sundogs… a day with a lot of promise.

7 April 2023

And what a day it has been… quite a number of snowmobilers zooming across the lake. Lots out enjoying the great temperatures…… in fact saw a few in shorts.

1 IMG 3029

Talk about Whiteshell Magic

6 April 2023

April 6th and Stu and I just came back from a snowmobile ride down the trail, to see if any trees came down in the last snowfall. That is a first for us. Not been ridding this late in the season….ever! Sunshine dancing across the trail. Soft fluffy snow. Perfect temperatures. Talk about Whiteshell Magic!… Read More »Talk about Whiteshell Magic

Easter special

Starting to get ready for SPRING!!

6 April 2023

Although the temperatures  have been cooler then normal; we are starting to open up the Cottages and Cabins for Spring. Krista and Ken have been working on Lakeview Cabin #6 for our first guests of the season, arriving Sunday.   Cabin #6 is  pet welcome and offers the two person hot tub. Take a break this spring! Spring… Read More »Starting to get ready for SPRING!!


It is amazing how much snow has already gone… just over the weekend and we are expecting +2 today!!

2 April 2023

Lots of activity on the river this morning. Early the otter was running around. Shooting into the sun, the pics are little more then black on white; but the ice looks neat in this one. Later the Swans flew in. Two pair arrived but never stood close enough to get a shot of all four.… Read More »It is amazing how much snow has already gone… just over the weekend and we are expecting +2 today!!