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A Nature Moment with a Snapping Turtle

    The Snapping Turtles are nesting in our area. The Moms return to the same spot year after year…. some for 40+ years.

    A couple of years ago the Government department of Infrastructure had to put in safety fencing around the dam. They were very considerate to the needs of the turtles and put the fence high enough to accommodate the females getting back to the water once done laying their eggs. These ladies can work up to 24 hours digging, laying and covering the 100+ eggs. Once they are done they are exhausted

    During some further work on the structure this last year the fence closest to the office was not raised. Thus one little lady found herself trapped in corner of the planter.


    As we all stood by just watching, not sure what we should do; she climbed on plant pot and stretched herself up onto the top of the planter… that’s a good 3 feet high. After a momentary rest she teetered herself until she rocked off the top of the planter and tumbled down the bank of the river into the water.


    First: I was pretty impressed at her dedication and ingenuity!

    Second: so impressed how her body was created to allow a fall from 6-7 feet and an instant later, her little head popped up out of the water to let us know she was ok.

    And lastly; so pleased that, on learning about the plight of mothers trying to get back to the water on both sides of the river; Infrastructure offered permission for Stu to raise the fence immediately.

    Gestation period is 60-90 days depending on how warm the season is. These babies should be hatching in Aug /Sept. We have hear that little ones have been spotted in other areas of the park already, so some Snappers must nest earlier then the ones we see at Inverness Falls