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A nature story from yesterday morning.

    We had a spectacular sunrise this morning.


    I thought I would share a nature story from yesterday morning.

    Quite early, just as the sun was rising, Stu and I looked down river and saw the ducks, geese and swans swimming toward a larger open spot right in front of us. As they gathered with the geese and swans forming a circle around the smaller ducks. The geese and swans alternating to create the greatest defense. Then we looked up and saw what all the excitement was about. A large Bold Eagle was flying up river toward the circle.

    All of this drama happening without a camera in hand. By the time I got my camera, the Eagle was gone and the atmosphere was much more relaxed.  It was once more safe for the river community.

    DSC00371 swan

    We have seen this before. How all of the waterfowl will band together against an common enemy..