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An Aamazing Experience!


    The other evening Stu and I were out on the lake with friends when we heard  and saw a loon just off the opposite shore line.  The call of the loon was almost mystical as it echoed across the water.

    Then we heard another call and saw a second loon land and swim over to the first.

    They were busy welcoming each other, when a third loon arrived.

    Once all together they started swimming in a circle around and around, then their heads would dip under the water in unison; then around and around again. This went on for some time until we heard a fourth loon call and land; and immediately joined in the dance.

    DSCN8467 1

    After a few minutes they added in a tail wagging thing.  They did not all do it at one time, so not sure if they took turns or if only some of the four were strut-en their tail feathers!

    DSCN8480 loan tails

    We watched them for maybe a 1/2 hour but when they started to broaden their activity area we felt we should leave them the lake and the night to enjoy in private.

    DSCN8499 loon 4

    Our friends, who live closer to that part of the lake, told us that they head the loons calling until 2am.

    To be witness to such a magical event of Nature was truly amazing!

    ( I apologize for the quality of the photos.  It was almost dusk and we were across the bay… but I wanted to share our experience.)