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An busy morning on the river.

    When we opened the blinds this morning, we were greeted by this beautiful immature Bold Eagle sitting in a tree not far from the deck.


    Then we spotted the Otter out on the ice having breakfast. Once the Otter was done and dove back down into the water; the immature flew to the spot and started to enjoy the morsels the Otter had left to share.

     DSC03090 b

    In the tree on the point a mature Bald Eagle kept protective watch while the young-in was eating.

    DSC03094 c 

     A second mature joined the family circle; landing in the tree with its mat.

    DSC03120 d

    To add to the mix two Swans flew toward us, heading up river to the falls. We could hear, they were greeted with a frenzy of Geese chatter. The Swans must have decide it was too crowded at the falls; as they circled right back and headed down river.

    DSC03113 e 

    So much activity and all before breakfast.