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Another glorious day in the Whiteshell

    Another glorious day in paradise. Sunshine and blue skies with just a soft gentle breeze.

    The lake is calm; just perfect for a slow ride around the lake to enjoy the sunset.

    Flooding:  We are very fortunate to have good high water levels but no flooding on Brereton Lake.

    Our thoughts are with those up along the Winnipeg River system that are effected by flooding waters;  and to those in Western Manitoba battling the rising Assiniboine.


    DSCN8195 pelican

    Last night we went up to Rainbow Falls and caught this guy posing.  He kept his wings spread like this for quite a long time ( 15min at least).  He would move his head this way and that but otherwise kept the same position. ….strange……but cute! 

    Have a great day all!