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    Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend. 

    I have  been having a very pleasant day visiting with the guests and tonight we will  enjoying a light show put on by the firefly and vocals by the frogs croaking in the river.  A perfect way to Celebrate our Country.

    The Dragon Flies have arrived in all their spender.  This one was just waking up on a flowers in the bed in front of the office.   They are now out in full force protecting us from the mosquitoes.

    This caterpillar is one I have never seen before.  If you look closely the long white hairs come out of round white dots.  I did not touch them but they resemble porcupine quills; so I wonder if they are a form of protection.   


    Fishing is still really good.  Kinda nice- this week a first time fisher person caught his first fish right out in front of the resort, from one of the peddle boats

    P6160596 Lady slipper

    The wildflowers are everywhere.  These lady slippers are just along #307.  On the way out to the Park keep a look out for the Showie Lady slippers along #15

    DSCN4259 lady slippers