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    We are already into the 2nd week of the New Year.  How time flies when you are having fun….and we have been having fun. ——Great  guests ,  lots of fluffy white snow and a few lovely sunny days made for a fantastic Holiday Season. 

    Before we get too far into 2017, we want to say: 
















    -Congratulations to Canada’s new National Bird,  the Grey Jay (Whiskey Jack).  What a great choice!  These fearless souls greet each day, be it summer hot or winter cold, with a happy song.

     – Thank you to the maintenance crews with Sustainable Development, in the  Rennie, Mb. Office who work so hard to keep the hiking trails cleared in the Summer/ Fall, and ski trails and snowmobile trails groomed in the winter despite our above-average snowfall this year.

    – A big thanks to the Highways Department who continually amaze me with how quickly they have the roads cleared in the winter.

    – We had some fun this fall.  Well I had fun; not sure Krista and Stu would exactly phrase it that way.  We did some renovations in the three Chalets, the three Luxury Cottages and Cottage #6.  (We had a chance to do some changes in the two suites and Cottage #7 last fall. ) It’s nice to start the New Year with a bit of a new look.  We want to thank Davidsons Installations, a local flooring company, who installed the new flooring in the three Chalets and Luxury Cottage #2.    Thanks to another local contractor, Bret Bird with Cottage Care Carpentry,  for a lot of the prep work in the Chalets and Luxury Cottages; and the renovations on Cottage #6.   Thanks also to Huge McInnis, from Rennie, who made the new railings in the Luxury Cottages.   We are so fortunate to have qualified tradespeople right in our area.  Over the next little bit I am going to get new pictures up on the Accommodation page to show off the new looks.

    And lastly we would like to thank all of our Guests who joined us in 2016.   You made our year very enjoyable.  We look forward to seeing you all again in 2017.             

                                                                                                                 Have a great day all!