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It’s been a lovely week with lots and lots of Sunshine!

    It’s important during these brisk days to keep the bird feeders full. This morning we had a number of visitors including this Pine Gosse beak, puffed up against the chill


    and this very indigent Blue Jay.. having to wait it’s turn.

    DSC01738 Blue jay

    We had a trilling visit from a Mom and two young Lynx earlier this week. Stu spotted them first crossing the river and he called for me to grab my camera. Camera in hand, shooting through the window, zooming down river I did get this one shot …I apologize for the quality but the only proof that we did get to see them. Many times the picture in your mind far surpasses what the camera can capture.

    Lynx family

    Overnight Wednesday we had a nice snowfall. It was such fun walking to work the next morning and trying to identify all of the animal tracks in the fresh snow. I stopped at one of the Cabins and noticed from the tracks, a rabbit had hopped right up to the door??? Got to wonder what it was thinking?

    Lovely guests again this week. We hated to see them head home.

    Wishing you all a great week ahead.

    Stu, Judy, Krista and Trinity