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    And what a start to the month.

    Lots of sunshine on Canada Day and the
    Stars offered a natural light display Wednesday night.

    It’s an amazing time in the park. We
    eat our first wild blueberries and strawberries, when we were out on
    the Trans Canada Trail. They are just starting but already offering
    enough for a treat along the trails.

    Fishing has been pretty good. It’s
    always fun to hear those “my first fish” stories, from our young

    Talking of young ones… I came upon
    these litter of fox; two red and one silver. They were playing along
    Highway #307 that goes up through the park. When I came along they ran back up into the forest but I was able to get these two shots before they disappeared into the underbrush.


    Another amazing Whiteshell Moment!

    If you have some time off this summer,
    please check out Web specials to see if any of the dates will work
    for you.

    Have a great day!