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Manitoba Infrastructure have finished the work on the dam

    Manitoba Infrastructure’s project on the dam grew from the initial estimate of 2-3 weeks to 8 weeks; but they ran into a lot more erosion on the structure then they first thought.

    First they blocked the river with a large “bladder” filled with lake water.; then they drained the area between the bladder and the dam. While it was draining there were two biologists here recusing the fish caught in the area. They even rescued a baby snapping turtle. All were released back into the lake. Really impressed with their efforts.

    The crews cemented the crumbling pillars that held up the dam, replaced the logs dam itself, built up the shore line on both side and re paired part of the bridge.

    At times it seemed like they may have to come right into the office to get the right angle. (as one pic shows) When it was time to remove the bladder divers came in to help the process.

    IMG 9839

    IMG 9846

    There is a couple of length of fence still to be replace and then re-grassing come spring; and the project is done! I made it sound so simple but it was far from simple.

    Through it all, the crews from Infrastructure were great. Polite, informative and friendly; with a smile and a hello each and every morning. To share one anecdote: The gentleman who was in charge of cutting down all of the plants on the shore for safety reasons, knew I was upset about losing the plants; especially a group of natural Iris that have come up year after year for the last 40 years. A few days before leaving he approached Stu with $40 that he wanted to put toward replacing the Iris. One of those random acts of kindness that mean so much. His $40 is in an envelope in the till marked “Canine Cove replanting funds”

    On behalf of Inverness Falls Resort, thank you to the Infrastructure Crews for your efforts and on behalf of Manitoba Taxpayers; thank you for a job well done!