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Mother Nature amazes me again.

    I was out on the decking checking out the stars and heard a buzzing at one of the flower pots. In the dark I could only see a flicker of movement and so aimed the camera toward the sound. I could not see what it was until I headed back inside to see that I had capture this moth feeding at the planters.

    Check out it’s proboscis (feeding tub). It’s almost as long as the moth.

    Moth 2

    Mother Nature did an amazing job of designing this creature to get the nectar deep in flowers.


    We are heading into the the last weekend in September.
    It’s been a busy month. A lot of return guests; always fun to catch up. To all the couples who joined us this month on their Honeymoons, Anniversaries and to celebrate Birthdays, it was a pleasure being part of your Special Time. 

    September offered some rain but also some lovely warm, sunny days and the nights cooling off just enough to enjoy a cozy fire.  

    Looking forward to the rest of the Fall season

     Wish you all a fun Weekend