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North Whiteshell Circle Tour

    Sunday we decided to do a North Whiteshell circle tour.

    Up highway #44 to Whitemouth and then north to Seven Sisters.

    On the way we spotted a Sand Hill Crain in one of the fields.

    Stopped at Greenway Grocery for an ice cream in waffle cone which we took to Whitemouth Provincial Park where there is a lovely picnic area right by the falls. Lots of water going over the falls

    Quite often you can catch the Pelicans fishing, but we were there at 5ish and they were just relaxing in the sun…

    Heading back into the Whiteshell Park on #307 we were on the lookout for animals.

    The deer are eating grass along the highway that is greening up. The sun highlights this little lady.

    And also be watching for the fox. They are so curious.

    This beauty was walking along the side of the highway and just sat down and watched us.

    And then as we turned down the road to the resort we were greeted by our resident deer… looking so pretty in the setting sun

    I love that North Whiteshell circle tour… always something new and exciting to see.