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One of the first gifts of spring.

    One of the first gifts of spring.

    This morning, Stu and I found  these crocusses in the Red Pine growth on the Trans Canada Trail, just north of us.  The trails are drying up quite nicely; and for me, it’s the best time of year to hike.  No bugs and not too hot!

    It’s a great May Long weekend.  A perfect day today; sun is shining and ever so slight a breeze.  I look across to Canine Cove and see Stu, our granddaughter and her friend, painting a row boats. A couple staying in one of the Cottages, spent the morning on the end of the dock fishing and another just got back from a bike ride; ……any, and every excuse to be outside today.

    Thie weekend is truly a gift!

    I hope you are all having a fun and safe weekend!