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Our Loon is back and just in time for Mother’s Day

    Those of you who have stayed with us may remember the story of the baby loon.

    About 6 years ago Stu and I were sitting on the deck at the office and noticed an Eagle fly over with something in it’s talons. As it flew over the beach area, it’s captive struggled loose and fell down into the swimming area. We raced over to see what it was and saw a, very little, Loon with a very wobbly head.

    We thought it was a “goner” but after a little bit a family of Mallard ducks came to where the baby loon was sitting in the water, very close to shore. The family circled the Loon and coaxed it out into deeper water and then around the point. From that day on, this extended family would come to the beach each evening. While the baby ducks looked for bugs in the sand the Loon would harvest minnows in the shallow waters at the beach; all the time Mother Duck watched over her family.

    Our Loon returns each year in the spring and will stop in to say hi.

    Throughout the season you can spot her swimming just out from the docks……. and if very lucky, you will see her with her baby in late summer.

    Such a nice story and perfect to share on Mother’s Day.