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Popper and I did a bit of FOREST BATHING yesterday, along the river trail, just at dusk.


    ( yes you can Forest Bath in the Winter…. in fact probable with some of the very highest health benefits.)

    I love to be in the forest just at dusk..  It has a quiet; a peace that is very special.  The only sound the swoosh of the Gray jays wings at it flew along the trail ahead of us and the crunch of  snow under our feet.  The Air was so clean, so fresh, that each breath felt like life.  

    As I headed home, with the last of the sun dancing between the trees, I realized I was smiling.  

    Guess that Forest Bathing stuff really works………………………..

    Nice Guests this weekend.  Sunny days.   Brilliant star show at night…………all around a good weekend.

    Wishing you all a great week ahead.   Judy