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Snowmobie & Ski Trails are open

    Trails are open!

    We have waited for the snow to come and Mother Nature and the Parks department come through!! The snowmobile trails were open for the February long weekend. 

    Parks people were working on the Inverness Falls ski trails early in the season and guests have been skiing most of the winter. 

    Like to send our thanks to Trail Maintenance Crews in the Whiteshell Park for your efforts, this season, with less then ideal conditions.

    It’s Manitoba!…… so no idea how long good conditions will continue but with the cooler temperature the weather people have been promising, we are hopeful for at least 3 weekends of good trails.

    We have a couple of openings this weekend and still some availability March 6th and 11th weekends.

    Mid-Week openings throughout, at nice savings.

    Have a great day all!