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Trumpeter Swans


    I have been mistakenly calling these beautiful creatures Tundra Swans.  We have learned that they are actually Trumpeter Swans.  We received an email from an knowledgeable birder who shared some identification differences that confirmed their identity.  The Tundra Swans fly in large flocks, they summer further north and they have a little yellow dots by their eyes.  I have never got a close up picture good enough to prove the yellow dot point but these Swans do travel in smaller groups, summer here on the river and they have a haunting trumpet song.

    DSC00117 Trumpeter Swans

    These two have darker necks then the others we have photographed and a friend suggested it could be because they are immature. 

    We got some rain the last few days and today we have sunshine.  It’s amazing how the Greens have popped out! Overnight!

    We have some specials running for the rest of May.  Hope you can join us soon.