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What’s happening this week?

    Middle of June  the turtles are nesting all through the Whiteshell.  This Common Snapping Turtle return every year to nest in the same spot or as close as possible to  where they took their first breath.  Generation after generation!  When I did a seach I learned Snapping Turtles can live from 30-40 years. 

    This morning there was one laying her eggs in the bank of the river right across from our office.

    It is common to see them nesting on our resort property… both the painted and the snapping tuttles.

      I did not go close as I did not want to disturb her but my camera let me get some nice close ups shots. 


                                 ( Can you see that a fly landed on her nose)

    I was telling guests that there is one female that has come every year we have been here.  She makes her nest right on the side of the  road by Cottage #7.   We are always so nervous that a cars driving by might hit her 

    One year the guests in #7 set up chairs and sat with her all the time she was laying…  the cars just went around.  Turtles are such amazing creatures. 


    It’s a beautiful time of year.

    We still have openings in July and August.  Hope you can join us!