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Your Personal Spa Experience

    Hydro-thermo Massage Tub in the Chalets or Mineral Whirlpool Spa in the Cottages

    What is hydro-thermo massage?

    Hydro-thermo massage is a therapy technique that combines air, water and heat; and to which you can add a variety of natural products for specific results.

    The BainUltra system is based on air jets strategically placed throughout the bath. These air jets massage your entire body by creating an acupressure effect. The pressure remains constant throughout the bath and completely encompasses your body.

    The benefits of hydro-thermo massage

    One of the most complete and effective low-impact therapies, hydro-thermo massage plunges you into deep relaxation and revitalizes your entire being.

    Remarkable results

    Hydro-thermo massage surrounds your body in an energetic effervescence of air and water providing extraordinary benefits.

    • relaxes body and mind
    • reduces stress levels
    • relaxes tight muscles
    • makes joints more flexible
    • soothes backaches
    • conditions and cleanses the skin
    • stimulates circulation
    • helps to replenish vital energy
    • relieves pain relating to arthritis and rheumatism


    mineral spa

    The two person HOT TUBS in the Cottage, with pulsating massage to relax you all over.

    The two person shower adds to your two person fun!!

    You will be able to enhance your massage experience with a variety of products we will be carrying. Satisfy your personal needs with specific therapies, from simple relaxation to complete revitalization.

    Amazing what a few days in our world will do for yours!